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The ancient city of Finiq is of great historical and archaeological value, an integral part of the Albanian cultural heritage.


The ancient city of Phenicia received the status of National Archaeological Park in 2005.

Phenicia has an ancient history. It has been the capital of the Kaons, while in the 3rd century it became the capital of the entire state of Epirus. According to Polybius, it was the most fortified city of Epirus. It rose on a hill in the shape of an inverted ship.


Today's village is located at the foot of this hill. There are three sections of walls preserved on the hill: the acropolis walls, the acropolis expansion period walls and the fortified city walls. These walls, which are distinguished for their large volume, date to approximately between the century. IV and II p.k.r. Inside the walls are the ruins of the Greek and Roman walls. There are remnants of Greek walls in the village, but Roman ones are more numerous.


A small treasure has been discovered at the acropolis, which in the Byzantine period was turned into a baptistery. A large capacity theater was also discovered. Three cisterns have been found that belong to the period between the century. V and century. III para. Kr. and some ruins of buildings. Since 2000 an archeological mission of the University of Bologna (Italy), regularly conducts archaeological excavations.

Finiqi is a village in the Municipality of Finiq in the district of Delvina in Albania, located in the gorge of Bogas. The constituent administrative units are Finiq, Aliko, Mesopotam, Dhiver and Livadhja. The new municipality of Finiq is bordered on the north by the municipality of Delvinë, on the south by the municipality of Konispol, on the east by the municipality of Dropull and on the west by the municipality of Saranda.

According to the 2011 Census it has a population of 11,862 inhabitants. While according to the Civil Registry this municipality has 39,055 inhabitants in an area of ​​441.20 km2. According to census data, the population density is 26.7 inhabitants per km2 while according to the civil registry the density is 88.51 inhabitants / km2.

Finiq Archaeological Park is located on a hill 283 m above sea level, 9 km east of the city of Saranda. You can come to the park by any means of transport, following the national road Saranda-Gjirokastra and returning to the village of Finiq. In the center of the village, you will find a paved road which will take you to the hill where the park is located.
In addition to the monuments inside the fortification walls, the hill of Finiq offers visitors an extraordinary experience, thanks to the geographical position from where you can see the Bistrica lowland, Butrint lake and the whole Delvina basin.

Today this park is a real tourist destination, where many visitors are introduced to the history and antiquity.

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