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Hotova Fir is a national park, located in the south of Albania a few kilometers from the city of Përmet, and can be described as the natural lung of Southern Albania.

With an area of ​​1200 hectares and a magnificent massif composed mainly of Macedonian Fir, this national park is one of the tourist pearls of Albania, which offers pleasant surprises in every season of the year, such as in winter, where it is covered by snow but also in summer where you can enjoy its freshness.


For several years it has become a place often visited by tourists, where their elite, politicians, foreign ambassadors, etc. stand out.

It is located in the area of ​​Frashër, about 35 km from the city of Përmet, in its northeast. The magnificent view of the park appears from the entrance of the Lumica valley to near the top of the Kokojka mountain. You can go to Bredhi e Hotovës by any means, regardless of the fact that the road from the Piskova turn is unpaved. But traveling by off-road vehicle makes it easy to get as deep into the forest as possible. There are no restaurants in Bredhi e Hotovës, so you have to take the food with you or order it in advance in the surrounding villages. As for the provision of drinking water is not a problem, as inside the forest there are a number of natural springs with cold water.

Hotova Fir is considered one of the most important Mediterranean plant relics in the country and is one of the largest parks in the Balkans with Macedonian Fir.

In addition to fir, there are several species of maple, black hornbeam, ilk, red and black juniper, raspberry, etc.
In certain places you may encounter wild goat. Hunting of wild animals and birds that is allowed by law starts on August 15, mainly for the pigeon. While in the beginning of September the hunting for rabbits, wild boar, quail, etc. starts. The hunting season lasts until early spring.


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