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The Zekate House is a remarkable example of a traditional tower-house that belonged to one of the wealthiest families in Gjirokastra during the 19th century. Constructed in 1811-1812, it served as the residence of Beqir Zeko, a distinguished general administrator under Ali Pasha. The house's commanding location offers a stunning view of the picturesque river valley.

This three-story architectural gem exhibits robust defensive features, which have contributed to its impressive preservation throughout the years. The ground floor houses storage rooms, a kitchen, and a cistern, while the first floor accommodates different branches of the Zeko family. The third floor boasts a grand reception room and two smaller rooms.

The house's most captivating features are the beautifully adorned oda (reception room) and çardak (open terrace) at its center. The principal room showcases the epitome of grandeur, featuring frescoed walls, a meticulously carved ceiling, and an ornate fireplace. Exploring this house provides visitors with a profound understanding of Gjirokastra's vernacular architecture and the lifestyles of its inhabitants from centuries ago.

The house's exterior is surrounded by walls that divide the three interconnected courtyards, accessed through gates. These outer walls were constructed using dry stone masonry, a technique where flat-surfaced stones are carefully stacked without the use of mortar. The inner parts are filled with smaller stones and plaster. To ensure stability, larger stones are interspersed within the walls at regular intervals. The top of the walls is protected by thin stone tiles, preventing rainwater from permeating.

The Zekate House stands as a testament to Gjirokastra's rich heritage, showcasing architectural brilliance and offering visitors a captivating journey into the lives of its former inhabitants.

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